Weaving together her channeling and clairvoyant abilities with extensive experience, Lori is an agile facilitator for real change. She has been helping clients find ease and answers for over 10 years.

Lori has trained and taught with the best of the best, and is grateful to always be learning.

Committed to helping people find their way back to balance, a reading with Lori is never fortune-telling! Her caring approach ensures that clients take home tools for expanding on the guidance which comes through in a session.

Lori sees clients in person, and on the phone, in her beautiful studio in Portland, Oregon.

Please feel free to email with any questions at all!

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Lori’s readings always have hidden surprises. I’ll go in thinking I know the answer and want confirmation. When that happens, it’s great. Sometimes it’s not at all what I was (or thought I was) hoping to hear. Even when I doubt, usually later on things fall in to place in a way I couldn’t have guessed.
— E.S. Portland, OR
Thank you for creating this deck! I pull a card every day, and it’s right every time. This is my favorite, and now, only, deck.
— J.A. Sedona, AZ
The cards are a great tool to help me when I get bogged down. I always get a better perspective when I draw a card.
— K.P. Portland, OR
Lori’s readings have smoothed the way and provided guides to help me get through some difficult times of depression and heartbreak. The Field Guide deck has been a beautiful and grounding tool that I use to tune into the flow of nature around me, and at times to understand what medicine I need in a particular situation. It is by far my favorite deck and the one I reach for most often.
— C.L. McMinnville, OR
I have had some amazing and transformative experience working with Lori. She is a joy to work with, fun and down to earth. I cherish the time I get to spend in a session with her and always leave feeling excited about a new perspective.
— S.B. Portland, OR
I love The Field Guide Deck, I have used the cards for 2 years and they always speak to me in just the way I need, telling me what I most need to hear. Thanks Lori for this accessible, sweet and deceptively powerful deck!
— R.F.G. Portland, OR
We try to draw a card from it daily, at breakfast time, to help set the day in motion.
— L.T. & E.K. Ajijic, Mexico
I love the cards! They are thought-provoking and I like that they help point me in the right direction, but leave the discovery to me. I take them on my travels, and they are good companions.
— W.E. Seattle, WA
I receive regular readings from Lori and more and more I recognize the counsel she channels as my own wisest guidance. There are certain turns of phrase she has used. Hearing them, is like touching on some ancient forgotten language, my own. As though the words took the form of a key, a mechanism to explain myself to me. The perfect turns of phrase are never an invitation to wallow in the dark places. But how profound it is to truly see them. Touch them. Name them and even let them go. Lori’s fearlessness inspires my own.
— J.B. Portland, OR