mighty lungs

Saturday Sept 2, 2017
This begins with the material shared on my Instagram Forecast, and continues with the additional information that came through, about the state of the world, and our call to action.

"Horsetail.  Heal the families, heal the segmented, the fragmented.  If it can’t come together in a perfectly healed seamless way, send a blessing and or forgiveness from your center, to those you feel you can’t reach otherwise.  The frequency of these messages, sent with unsticky clarity and the freedom of not needing a specific outcome, cannot be minimized.  This is a time to trust that if you find a place from which to issue a loving wish, and send to a difficult receiver, with no expectations, there is hope in the air.  Use your substantial power for these heartfelt wishes, for awake dreams of peace. This may sound too small for the state of affairs we find ourselves in. It is not small, to shift our outrage for a moment and reach into our deepest quietest selves, toes in the limitless river of compassion.  Make peace inside, for just a moment.  Search with conviction in every of your corners for a breath’s worth.  Give some to yourself, and with the next breath, puff towards someone outside of you.  The more fraught the connection the better."
“As individuals, we are not expected to look for an end to world suffering, just to begin harnessing power from the place each one of us is capable of reaching via cultivating our own inner peace, no matter what the weather. Then, the action of sharing it beyond our selves.  If we can find a way to breathe one single lungful of forgiveness into ourselves, we begin to find the breaths to send compassion beyond all of the walls, too.  There are so many reasons to be terrified, angry, called to many important actions.  These peaceful moments often need to be consciously stolen from the furies that can overtake us.  Find a mix of both peaceful actions and outraged actions.

Many aspects of what is happening in the world, are crying out for a focused movement towards balance.  A clear-eyed and even approach.  Movement that is sure, steady, calm and certain.  The reaction to chaos that will have the longest and deepest effect is more calm than screaming, more tender than ripping, more focused than clobbering.  We need a spokesperson for one unified movement, and they need our help to move them to the forefront. To be lead by one vision that gathers and settles many.  We need to come together in agreement, not nitpick and splinter because ideals are keeping like-minded groups separated.  A leader has a chance to come forward and make themselves known - and There is one.
The “government” is headed into the toilet, to be flushed, and currently, this emergent leader is caught up in those tangles, being kept out of power and visibility by the webs and projections of those out front.  If this leader can hold out, with help and a boost of power from the masses, this person will be able to reach us, and the most beaten down among us.”

My own notes on this information:
The nature of writing down information channeled, requires a kind of short-hand. Though the wording is far clunkier than the energy that brings it through (which is clear and spotless,) it carries the message and the medicine, just the same.
Read gently with an open mind and heart, don’t get too hung up on the wording.
It is time to actively cultivate hope and keep, keep, keep opening to possibility.  Even one small second of suspending terror and inviting new openings, is huge. This transition does not have a feel-good ending, it will take time, as all enormous cycles do.  All is not lost.

As I was transcribing this, I received a note from friend and colleague Julianna Bright, that provides a perfect synthesis of the action part of this message.   She calls it a prayer, you may call it a song, an invitation, a way to start a gathering of forces. Use it alone, use it holding hands with your beloveds, let it guide you back to a place of neutral compassion and observationwhere you may gather your forces, again and again.  It looks simple here, typed out.  But please, give it all you’ve got, if you feel called to repeat it, even once.  
this small and mighty call:
Show Us.